Industrial Training Program on IC-Engine Design & Maintenance:

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In Engineering field understanding of internal combustion engines is required. In Industrial Training Program, Our focusing area range from the chemistry of combustion to the kinematics of internal components of the internal combustion engine. By hands-on practice you will know how to assemble & Disassemble the IC Engine and Design, Assembly, blueprint Making. Our brain storming session will teach you how to implement these learning techniques in Industry.

Learning Objectives

Basic functioning and components of Internal Combustion Engines,Specifically two stroke Engine.
The general thermodynamic concepts governing the operation of an internal combustion engine and its various cycles.
Functioning and operation of all Internal Combustion engine major components and systems.
​Know the operational principles behind the timing and working relations among all internal components.
Advantages and disadvantages of Internal Combustion engine as well as implementations in present situation.
Engine Design and Assembly in CATIA Software.

It will include PowerPoint Presentation, lecture, Videos, Lab Demos e.t.c
Introduction to Automobile Development
Types of Engines
Operational Fundamentals of IC Engines
Combustion Fundamentals of IC Engines
Specific Engine Components Explanation and Tools Required
Fuel Supply systems and Valve Train
Turbo charging/Supercharging
Emissions and controls ​
Thermodynamics & Cycles
Energy conversion Kinematics and Mechanism
Dismantle the Engine Components individually
Clear Explanation on all Components and Functions
Live Demonstration of the Internal Mechanisms
Assembly of the Engine

Duration: 5 Days Program

Introduction to CATIA V5
Sketching in 2D in Engines
Part Design in 3D in Engines
Drafting of IC Engines
Blueprint Making of Engines
Texting for Case
Assembly of Full Engine with Complete Parts
Generative Sheet Metal Design in Engine Casing
Generative Structural Analysis for Shaft and other Parts

CATIA V5 Software

Benefits to participants:

A chance to interact with professionals
Learned from Experienced Trainers
This Industrial Training Program will give you mind setup which will be helpful for working with Aircraft manufacturing companies.
Learn latest attacks with live demos
Enjoy 95% Hand-on Practical throughout the Industrial Training Program
Certification from Samhams Technologies
Enjoy after On Campus Program with well Knowledge
Never get stuck with our video tutorials & lectures
Innovative way of teaching
Participate in competitions & win prizes
Best training at lowest prices
Enhance your professional profile
Internship opportunities From Samhams Technologies, Experts Innovation & Many more

Benefits to college:

Chance to get associated with Samhams Technologies for Research.
Name and Logo including website link will be published on our official website (Samhams Technologies and Experts Innovation) .
Authorized Team and trainers will visit your college to organize the entire event.
An email will be sent to more than 1,00,000 users regarding your college’s association and publicity.
Posters and Flexes will be sent to you for effective regional publicity.
All India publicity through SMS and Mails will also be held.
Students will get a chance to participate in R& D Projects in Samhams Technologies and Experts Innovation

Benefits to the coordinators who conducts the Industrial Training Program:

Chance to join Experts Innovation family
Huge discount in Industrial Training Program and Seminars
Get the Title of Experts Innovation Campus Ambassador
Project Support from Experts
Technical Supports
​​Chance to interact with professional developers University recommendations & many more​

1. Certification of Participation from Samhams Technologies (Commercial Drones Company)
2. Certification of Merit from Samhams Technologies (Commercial Drones Company)
3. A Shield for Winning Team

Organize this Industrial Training Program at your Campus

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